What is the Cryptomob 42 Gang?

Cryptomob 42 is a collection of 1420 M.O.B. NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Through a M.O.B. you become member of the gang getting access to the club.

cryptomob 42
cryptomob 42
Cryptomob 42
Buy a M.O.B.
  • Get access to the gang
  • Premium features unlocked 
  • Buy and Sell on secondary market

Welcome to the Gang

When you buy a Cryptomob 42, you’re not simply buying an avatar. You are initiated to the Gang, where benefits and protection will increase over time. Your MOB can serve as your digital identity and launch you into the future.

Rarity and distribution

Every Cryptomob 42 is unique e certified in blockchain.


Alongside the MOB you will get a real tee, delivered at your adress.


Become part of the Gang and enjoy exclusive content and activities. Join our coffeeshop, the strip club and participate to the virtual bingo where you can win amazing prizes in Ethereum.